How to make a wooden, USB-powered, angle-poise lamp

Full video here:

Step by step instructions:…

– Drill and drill bits
– Wire strippers (or scissors)
– Saw
– Clamps (optional)
– Hot glue gun and glue sticks
– Soldering iron (optional)

– 25mm x 5mm cross section wood (ripped-down pallets work fine for this)
– 3 nuts, bolts (or wing nuts) and 6 washers
– Around 1m of bell wire (or two strand wire)
– A 2-way DPDT switch
– ‘Piranha’ 5V 24 LED bank (around £2 from ebay uk)
– Optional (small piece of perspex for diffusing the light)

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How to make a wooden, USB-powered, Angle-poise Lamp
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